Monday, 28 October 2013

Graphic design and art.. is graphic design really art?

Most graphic designers are in it for the money... and some are in it to make great desigs that look nice... but most graphic designers only design to make things look nice and to impress others. Therefore it is quite questionable as to whether some graphic design can actually be classed as art.. Art should be something more than what something looks like otherwise everything would be art.. art is the message and meaning the it behind a piece of art. Superficial art .. if you even call it that is created for others... and has no other aim than to impress and look good. Proper art isnt about looking good at all.. a piece of art work could theoretically be the worse looking thing in the world but if it meant something to the artist and that why they did it then the peice of art for the artists maybe the greatest peice of art around.. even if other dont think so. You may disagree with me but honestly graphic design is just not art! If you think it is comment below and say why not!

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